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Introducing 'NOAH'

Based out of Brisbane, Australia, Nuba Orphanage and Widows Home Inc (known as 'NOAH') is a non-profit organisation and registered charity. Led by Nuba people and supported by 'Friends of Nuba' we exist to provide support to the orphans and widows of the Nuba Mountains.

We focus on providing scholarships, vocational education and training which skill the Nuba people in agriculture construction, food production and handcrafts. This empowers the local community and promotes self-sufficiency and in time, will help break the poverty cycle in this war torn region.

Map of Sudan and South Sudan, showing the location of the Nuba Mountains

Welcome to the Nuba Mountain Region

The Nuba Mountains is a remote area in Sudan home to several groups known as the Nuba peoples. The region was heavily impacted by the Sudanese Civil War between 1983 and 2005. While much of South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011, the Nuba Mountains remained under the control of the Central Government. Although the civil war officially ended in 2005, conflict has persisted in the Nuba region resulting in many widows and orphaned children.

Training Centre & School

Welcome to the Nuba Mountains Widows and Orphanage School! We are dedicated to empowering the community through education in a region that has endured the ravages of war. Our school provides a safe haven for widows and orphans, offering them access to quality education, vocational skills training, and emotional support. Together, we are breaking the cycle of poverty and building a brighter future for the next generation. Join us in our mission to transform lives and make a lasting impact in the Nuba Mountains.

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